a 16 minute 3D sound experience - virtual reality for your ears

reflecting contributions from people living & working on the cambridge biomedical campus - or from home - during the last two years while we've been living with covid-19

"a remarkable sensory experience"

"reminded me of A Dark Side of The Moon"

"such powerful music and singing, some of it physically hurt & then soothed, extraordinary"

important - it has been a tough time for all 

if you find this process brings up difficult emotions or you need to talk to someone further about your experiences, please please please reach out to someone close to you, or for help & advice you can visit Mind or the NHS Mental Health Services

why the dark?

why 3D sound?

because it's earth. it's stillness.

because of its invisibility.

because it allows quiet & distance.

because we listen differently

when all we can do is hear.

using your headphones.

we'll bring that extraordinary 3D experience to you

sound would be in front, behind, above you.

with performers all around you, and invisible.

imagine being in a room

giving voice to your experience of living & working on the cbc or from home throughout covid. 

the focus of The Dark Heals is different - it's all about you:

it will return.

and sold out 38 shows before being brought to an end by the pandemic.

with her sound collective 'we are sound' in 2017. in the dark received critical acclaim

The Dark Heals is based on 'in the dark' - a concept andrea launched 'in real life'

she has had long covid for the last 12 months.

she specialises in creating extraordinary spaces for extraordinary things to happen.

andrea cockerton is a composer and multi-media digital explorer, based in cambridge.

about the artist

with huge thanks to Andy Mahoney MBE and Little Easton Manor for their support

made possible due to the support of


scroll down to see the wonderful video & audio tracks submitted by people on the campus

and click the link below to see the 3D digital wall showing written & visual submissions